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Recognition and Publication

ecognized internationally for its excellence in architectural design, the Liljestrand House has been featured in over fifty-five publications worldwide.

In a 1958 “Pace Setter Edition” House Beautiful magazine devoted its cover and fifty-three pages to the house. This coverage elevated and highlighted the house as an example of outstanding design. As a result, there are multiple copies of the home across the United States and the world including Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Norway and Australia.

From 2007 through 2009 the House was featured as one of Vladimir Ossipoff’s masterpieces in an exhibition that traveled from the Honolulu Academy of Arts to the Yale School of Architecture Gallery and the Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt, Germany. Recent notable publications include an article in Departures Home and Design, cover of Lightning, a fashion magazine in Japan, and an article and photography in Monocle and Monocle Travel Guide, a British based magazine. In 2017, Gear Patrol, a lifestyle magazine for men, covered the Liljestrand House and announced the expanded work of the Liljestrand Foundation.

The Liljestrand House has been featured in over fifty-five publications worldwide.

The tour of this amazing home is the highlight of my visits to Hawai‘i. And I’ve been here twenty-three times.”

— Beth Chuck

Notable Publications

2023`EheuJAPANLiljestrand House
2023World of InteriorsUNITED KINGDOMAloha, Modernism!
2023Jake Taylor ArchitectureAUSTRALIAVladimir Ossipoff: Tropical Modernism
2023Honolulu MagazineUNITED STATESLiljestrand House: Honolulu's Mid-Century Architectural Gem
2022Elle DecorSOUTH KOREAThe Liljestrand House
2022Magazine B, Issue No. 91 HawaiiSOUTH KOREAThe Liljestrand House
2021WestwaysUNITED STATESAn Iconic Hawaiian Home
2021Voices of Hawai`iUNITED STATESLife Stories from the Generation that Shaped the Aloha State
2021150 Houses You Need to Visit Before You DieBELGIUM150 of the most beautiful homes around the world
2021Modernist Escapes, An Architectural Travel GuideUNITED KINGDOMGuide to over 130 modernist homes across the globe that are open to the public
2021Cultured MagazineUNITED STATESA Travel Guide to Great Architecture and the Great Outdoors
2021AAA ExplorerUNITED STATESThe Iconic Liljestrand House
2020Make it Mid-CenturyUNITED STATESThe Liljestrand House, Honolulu
2019Modern on Maui BlogUNITED STATESVladimir Ossipoff - Hawaii’s Local Architectural Hero
2019Atomic RanchUNITED STATESLiljestrand Through the Years
2019Atomic RanchUNITED STATESModern in Hawaii
2019ArtsyUNITED STATESThe Architect Who Brought Tropical Modernism to Hawaii
2018Hawaii Interior Style BookJAPANHawaiian Modern House
2018Halekulani LivingUNITED STATESA Day at Liljestrand
2018Honolulu MagazineUNITED STATES9 Greatest Honolulu Houses
2017CurbedUNITED STATESVladimir Ossipoff: Hawai‘i’s Midcentury Maestro; Article on Ossipoff who designed with Japanese influences at heart
2017Gear PatrolUNITED STATESThe Long View: One Man’s Obsession with Saving Oahu’s Greatest Architectural Treasure; Feature on the preservation of the Liljestrand House and the launch of the Liljestrand Foundation
2017HI Luxury MagazineUNITED STATESSpaces Ever Present; Featuring a visit to the iconic Liljestrand House
2017Build LLC BlogUNITED STATESThe Liljestrand House and the Beauty of Restraint; Tour of the house with Bob Liljestrand and Dean Sakamoto
2017Atomic RanchUNITED STATESSay "Aloha" to Hawaii's Tantalizing Liljestrand House
2016LightningJAPANBest House Renovation; Cover feature
2016Monocle Travel GuideUNITED KINGDOMWhen Fates Collide; Travel guide feature
2015Condé Nast TravelerUNITED STATESWhat To Do on a Rainy Day in Honolulu; Highlighted as sites to visit
2015BrutusJAPANUnforgettable Hawai‘i
2015Hana HouJAPANJapanese article featured Liljestrand House in the main photo
2015Hawai‘i Modern LuxuryUNITED STATES20 Pursuits of Modern Luxury; Liljestrand House included in the list
2015Halekulani Living UNITED STATESMore than a House
2014Life and New Knowledge WeeklyCHINAFamous Architect Design For a Family—The House with Feeling
2014Zolotaya PalitraRUSSIAVladimir Ossipoff, Hawaiian Architect: Nothing Standard
2013Hawai‘i MagazineUNITED STATESFeature article
2013Halekulani Living MagazineUNITED STATESOssipoff and Wood Revisited
2013Departures Home and DesignUNITED STATESIs the Liljestrand House Worth Fighting For?; Feature article on the fight to preserve the Liljestrand House
2013Arkkitehdin pöydässä — miljöitä ja makujaFINLANDAt the Architect's Table - Milieus and Tastes
2012Hawai‘i MagazineUNITED STATESCategory of Best Architecture You Can visit
2012Honolulu MagazineUNITED STATESHonolulu’s Best Architecture; Named best home
2011Western LivingUNITED STATESBlue(print) Hawai‘i, Homes and Design
2010MonocleUNITED KINGDOMQuality of life—Business City: Honolulu
2010AgoraJAPANFeatured as one of O’ahu attractions
2010Honolulu MagazineUNITED STATESStepping Back in Time at Honolulu’s Liljestrand House
2009Casa BrutusJAPANAt Home in Hawai‘i; Featured as one of Ossipoff’s notable work
2009Common GroundUNITED STATESHawai‘i Modern. Vladimir Ossipoff Embraced the Nature of a New State
2008MetropolisUNITED STATESModern Paradise; Front cover featured Liljestrand House
2008Homescape Gracious Island LivingUNITED STATESTropical Modern—Exploring the Genius of Hawai‘i’s Vladimir Ossipoff; Liljestrand House as one of the featured homes
2008Pacific Business NewsUNITED STATESOssipoff-designed home bids for place on National Registry; featured photograph of house and Bob Liljestrand
2008Hawai‘i Fusion of Western andOriental CulturesJAPANDiscussed the genius of Ossipoff and featured Liljestrand House
2008State of Hawai‘i Department of Land and Natural ResourcesUNITED STATESVladimir Ossipoff’s Architecture for Hawai‘i; Highlighted on the Department’s calendar as an example of Ossipoff’s architecture
2008The Academy GuildUNITED STATESThe Academy Guild presented tours of three Ossipoff, one of which was Liljestrand house
2008The Honolulu AdvertiserUNITED STATESHawaiian Houses? The Little-Grass-Shack Thing is Over; Featured the Hawaiian Modern book and exhibition
2007-2009Hawaiian Modern: The Architecture of Vladimir OssipoffUNITED STATESBook published in conjunction with Honolulu Academy of the Arts exhibition curated by Dean Sakamoto. In 2008, it traveled to the Yale School of Architecture Gallery and in 2009 to the Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt, Germany.
2007Hawai‘i Interiors & ArchitectureUNITED STATESVladimir Ossipoff- Modern Visionary
2007Modernism MagazineUNITED STATESHawaiian Modern Vladimir Ossipoff in New Territory
2007Hana HouUNITED STATESOutside In; Featured in the opening page and text in discussing Ossipoff’s “war on ugliness”
2007The Hawaiian House NowUNITED STATESLiljestrand House as “pure Ossipoff”
2007Honolulu MagazineUNITED STATESIsland Architecture
2007Hawai‘i Modern LuxuryUNITED STATESThe Radar Design; Photographs of living room and pool of 1952
2006Pacific Business NewsUNITED STATESFocused on the Ossipoff homes as uniquely Hawaiian
2005Western Interiors and DesignUNITED STATESFeature article
1990Hawaiian Island HomeUNITED STATESThe Architectural Genius of Simple Design
1979VogueAUSTRALIAFeature article
1964House Beautiful (US)UNITED STATESHighlighted the pull-out boards of Liljestrand House kitchen
1960Schoner WohnenGERMANY20 pages featuring the Liljestrand House
1959Allt i HemmetSWEDENThis is the Way the Liljestrands Live in Honolulu
1958, 1959House Beautiful (US & Australia)UNITED STATES; AUSTRALIAA House That is Very Much More Than a House; Featured as one of 17 Pace-Setter houses in this series
1956Sunset MagazineUNITED STATESPhoto of daylilies on the slope of Liljestrand House

The Liljestrand House is listed on the Hawai‘i State and the United States National Register of Historic Places.

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