Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The Liljestrand Foundation was created by the Liljestrand family in 2007 to preserve and steward Liljestrand House, a National and Hawai`i landmark on Mount Tantalus overlooking Honolulu. The Liljestrand Foundation builds global awareness of its architectural significance and cultural legacy though publications, guided tours and public programs.

The Foundation makes the Liljestrand House available to the community by opening the space to charitable, cultural and educational organizations. In addition, civic leaders hold private working sessions and retreats at Liljestrand House, where they benefit from its inspiring and tranquil setting, removed from day-to-day pressures.

After a strategic planning process in 2016, the Foundation Board launched new program initiatives to promote East-West understanding, peacekeeping, education, public health and environmental conservation—legacies of the Liljestrand family that the Foundation believes are all the more important today.

Vision Statement

The Liljestrand Foundation’s vision is to create global appreciation of the outstanding architecture of Liljestrand House and to make use of its inspired design and setting to provide a haven for scholarship, creative thought, and gatherings that promote peace and understanding.

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The Liljestrand House is listed on the Hawai‘i State and the United States National Register of Historic Places.

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