The Foundation

he Liljestrand Foundation makes Liljestrand House available to the global, non-profit community for charitable, cultural and educational purposes.

These events have led to meaningful partnerships that build on the Foundation’s interests in architecture and design, civic engagement, East-West understanding, education, environment, conservation and public health. In addition, civic leaders have held private working sessions at the house where, removed from day-to-day pressures, they have benefited from its tranquil yet inspiring setting.

The Foundation also offers tours to the general public, to architectural firms, and to cultural organizations. These organizations have included the Palm Springs Museum of Art, the Princeton University Museum of Art, the Huntington, the San Francisco Museum of Asian Art, and The Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Approximately six thousand visitors have toured the house.

Mission & Vision

The Liljestrand Foundation was created in 2007 to preserve and steward the Liljestrand House.

Program & Partners

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Board & Staff

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