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November 3, 2023 | Preservation Projects

Painting, Staining and Small Repairs

A myriad of small repairs and painting projects had piled up in the past year so we took care of them in one day thanks to Lance Higa’s efficient team.

The dining room ceiling light fixtures were replaced earlier this year. In the process, some of the plaster had chipped. Thankfully, the painters were able to repair the plaster and touch up paint without having to repaint the entire ceiling. 

An acoustic tile in the kitchen ceiling was damaged due to a roof leak last year. The tile was reattached, sealed and painted to match the rest of the tiles. 

Old water stains on the pantry ceiling were painted. 

The exterior steel roof brackets on the Diamond Head side of the living room were treated for rust and painted. 

Sections of fascia along the front of the house that had been replaced with treated lumber were stained to match the original pieces of redwood lumber. 


Thank you for opening this beautiful home and keeping the legacy and details alive.

— Sarah and Lucas, Tacoma, WA

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The Liljestrand House is listed on the Hawai‘i State and the United States National Register of Historic Places.

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