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Richard Schultz Chairs

October 19, 2021 | Preservation Projects

Richard Shultz Chairs

A pair of Richard Shultz chairs from the 1966 Leisure Collection for Knoll. We found the frames on the property a couple of years ago. John Reyno of @hawaii_modern worked his magic and restored them. The slings were beautifully reproduced by Pat Foley with the Southern Company. While we have no photographic record of where the chairs “lived” in the 60s, it’s probably safe to assume they were down by the pool. For now, we’re keeping them on the deck overlooking the backyard, safe from the rain and falling leaves! Thank you @hawaii_modern for taking on our endless and always challenging restoration projects!

Gallery photos: John Reyno in his shop, newly powerdercoated frames.  

Was it a movie? Was it a dream? It’s just an amazing story of people who are inspired and curious and demanding and creative and sooo… unique. Thank you very much for your preservation.

— Guest Book Entry

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