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Design Conversation Series

Kevin Nute

June 16, 2020 | Design Series

Due to COVID-19, the Design Conversation featuring Kevin Nute of the University of Hawaii School of Architecture, has been postponed.  New date to be announced.  

Vital: Using the Sun, Wind and Rain to Bring Buildings and Sustainability to Life
Most of us will spend more than 90% of our lives in indoor spaces, many of which will inadvertently deprive us of two key requirements for our long-term well-being: contact with nature and perceptible change. This Design Conversation will show how a solution to both of these deficiencies lies all around us, in the largest and most changeable natural wilderness on Earth: the atmosphere. The talk will explain how building envelopes can be designed to reduce stress and improve our attention by bringing the natural movements of sunlight, wind and rain indoors. It will also show how these movements can simultaneously help to raise awareness of the underused sustainable design strategies of passive environmental control and rainwater harvesting.

Kevin Nute is the author of Frank Lloyd Wright and Japan (1993), Place, Time and Being in Japanese Architecture (2004), and John Yeon and the Landscape Arts of China and Japan (2010). He earned his doctorate at Cambridge, worked in practice in London, Hong Kong and Singapore, and spent much of his early career as researcher based at the University of Tokyo.
This Design Conversation is based on his most recent book, Naturally Animated Architecture (London: World Scientific, 2018), which won the 2018 Digital Book World Award for architecture and a 2019 eLit Gold Medal.

Was it a movie? Was it a dream? It’s just an amazing story of people who are inspired and curious and demanding and creative and sooo… unique. Thank you very much for your preservation.

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